The first CCTV system of the world established in 1942.
It is designed by Siemens for Nazis to watch tests of V-2 rockets. German engineer Walter Bruch was responsible for development and execution of the system.

Commercial usage started a few later; at USA in 1949.

First surveillance systems weren’t capable of recording; only watching.

Recording were made to magnetic tapes. Switching these tapes manually were a time consuming, expensive and unreliable process because you were supposed to add one tip to the other by hand at the every end of the tape.

In 1956; Used by Hamburh Police Department / Germany for test reasons
1959: Used to control city traffic at the time of Hanover Industry Exhibition.
1960: Installation to Trafalgar Square / England
1961: Installation to London Transport Train Station
1965: Used for protection trains against vandalism at Dagenham / England.
1967: Installation to Photo-Scan shop / England against shop lifting.

It wasn’t mainstream untin spreading use of VCR technogies at 1970s. With the VCR technology, recording, deleting and using the information became easy.

In 1990s; Multiplexer was invented. So recording multiple cameras in the same time with time lapse and motion recording became possible.

1994: Installation security cameras to Bank ATMs.

CCTV technology keep renewing with the internet, mobile systems, AI, neural learning and a lot of new technologies.

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