Closed-circuit television (CCTV) or video surveillance;

basically installing cameras to certain area (schoool, factory, office and monitoring them. That’s all.

There are about 350 million surveillance cameras worldwide as of 2016.


It all started analog. The idea was simple, recording the video tape recorder.

Of course analog systems had challanges; blurry frames in moving objects, long time lapses, low storage capacities etc.

You need to store 24 hours non stop operation; it’s a challenge with the 3 hours capacity tapes.

Then companies went for hybrid. Shooting analog and converting to digital in the same time to MPEG format.

Today’s solution is much simpler; take digital, store digital. All about DVR; Digital Video Recorder now.

Also it is not all about storing now;  cameras are broadcasting their signals.


* No need for storage in camera

* Keeping recorded assets safe in case of an attack to the camera

* Saving videos directly to computers.

* No need for video capture card

Today’s technology is network transfer through wireless. No cable connection at all.

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