In our previous essays, we talked about foundation of Face Recognition Technology  and its evolution during the years .


In this essay, we will mention progress from 90s to today.


Between 1993-2000

In this period, USA’s state organization for military technogy projects advancement; DARPA -The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency- started a new program to generalise face recognition technology.

They named this program as FERET; Face Recognition Technology.


In the scope of this project, DARPA created a database to encourage new scientific and commercial enterprises in this field. This database consisted of 2413 still face images of 856 people.


FERET project gave it’s fruits in 1997 in Germany’s Bochum University Christoph von der Malsburg  and bachelor students and a few more universities in USA. These systems funded by USA’s Army Research Laboratory.


This software was doing face recognition from not so perfect face images. Also working correct with different beard, mustache, glasses and even with sun glasses.

This software industrialized and named as ZN-Face and sold asa commercial product to different clients as Deutsche Bank, airports and some other crowded locations.


In 2006, Face Recognition Grand Challenge (FRGC) established to measure the latest advances in face recognition algorithms. In these tests; high resolution face images, 3-D face scans and iris photos were used. In the results new algorithms were 10 times faster than algorithms of 2002 and 100 times faster than algorithms of 1995. Some of these algorithms could  recognise better than human face and also identifying twins as different person.


Face recognition technologies will strengthen its position in our lives. We’ll be announcing newest advances. Stay in touch!

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