IP; Stands for Internet Protocol.

IP cameras send data over internet and network. Which analog cameras can not do.

IP surveillance is a derivative of CCTV which is digital and network connected.

IP camera records the video and streams the content over internet protocol.

New generation IP cameras carry videos with safe TCP/IP protocol, not signal as it is used to.

Digital IP Cameras have a lot of advantages;

* Comprehensive search capability

* Practical, ease of use.

* High pixel quality

* Preventing quality losses in time, as it happens to analog tapes.

* Live recording and playing simultaneously.

* Compressing recorded data in the same time to save storage.

* Remote connection and observation. Authorized personnel can view each camera and video over internet.

* Being able to store any storage in the world.

* Easy distribution. For example a suspect’s photo can be distributed to whole police officers simultaneously.

* System can be integrated with email and communication systems. So alarms and notifications arrive at your pocket simultaneously.

* Video and audio can be transferred not only single side but also two sides as well. For example operators can announce to the people in the areas where cameras can shoot.

* Possible to maintain wireless workflow

* Image process, face recognition, motion reports and such actions can be done in camera directly.

* Safe data transfer via encrypted protocols such as WPA, WPA2, TKIP or AES protocols.

* Can use ethernet cables for power source.

* Motion cencor alarms; can detect and notify about transpassings and notifying directly with emails and phones simultaneously.

* Old tapes looses image quality in time until it fades for good. But IP cameras record digital directly to computers. So that there will be no loss of image quality in far future.

* Night vision; with support of infrared LEDs; IP cameras can record in darks and low lighted environments.


*IP cameras are relatively expensive than analog cameras. (for now)

* Rookies generally forget setting a new passport after setting cameras. So some internet users try default factory passwords and access the videos easily.

Nowadays analog CCTV systems are being changed with IP surveillance systems.

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