3 Dimensional Face Recognition

Three dimensional face recognition technique uses 3D sensors to fetch face information. These info are being used to define differentiative features of the faces. For example the three dimensional boundaries of nose, chin,eye balls etc.


One of the advantages of 3D face recognition against other techniques is not being affected by different lights. Also it can reocognize a face from different angles.

3D face info increases accuracy in a considerable extent. 3D researches are quickly advancing with the fast advance of devices that can capture 3D images.


These sensors projects special photons to faces. Also it is possible to increase these sensors up to a dozen so they capture same image from different angles. Even best 3D recognition algorithms can be vulnerable to different face expressions. To cover that, algorithms uses geometry to create isometries for faces.


A new way to capture 3D images is to install 3 different camera looking at the same point. One for profile, one for side and one for the cross angle. All cameras work together so they can track, detect and recognise the face of a human.

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