Future, but what kind of future?

Every pros bring their cons.

The turning point of our age; the technologies of INdustry 4.0, AI, 3D Printers and the others; they all mean humanless, even lightless factories.

That brings millions of blue collared qualified/nonqualified labour kicked out of business. Millions even billions of people without future, without hope that can be a potential for man powers of terrorism and crime.

Need for security is available today and will increase in future. Biggest need of the world.

Municipalities, government agencies, businesses, healtcare instutions, educational institutions and others looking for systems to protect people and properties.

These systems must track the latest technological advances as well.

So who needs the most?

*Home security

* Cable and copper theft

Cables, signboards, drains and that kind of materials are being stolen to sell by kilo. Which causes huge financial losses.


Company owners’ priority is saving the company property from thiefs -even from some dishonest employees- Thanks to technological advances, you can know every activity in your territory.

*Facility protection

You can secure your area with HD video cameras and protect against intruders.

*Employee Safety

The places where work safety is critical like constructions, productions, dockyards etc. camera systems increases security and also prevent unright  accusations.

*Parking lots

Preventing thefts and crashings to the parking cars

*Event Safety

Besides security, crowd control is also important.

You can zoom into suspected actions and prevent bad incidents before happening.

*Public Safety

Parks, neighbourhoods and all public areas must be surveilled to exterminate crime and maintain public safety. Policemen should be seeing this content immediately to intervene asap.

*Industrial Production

Chemical industriy, reactor and nuclear energy factories are mostly legally obliged to have CCTV cameras. These special cameras measuring the temperature, lining up and measuring other parameters.

*Traffic surveillance

Some cities have comprehensive CCTV systems to watch main roads. They inform about congestions and accidents. Private companies uses in-car camera systems with GPS devies to keep track of company cars.

*Public Transport

In public transports like metros, trains etc. vatmans check CCTV cameras to see availibity of the doors.

*Sports events

Many sporting events in the United States use CCTV inside the venue for fans to see the action while they are away from their seats. The cameras send the feed to a central control center where a producer selects feeds to send to the television monitors that fans can view.


CCTV cameras are being used very often to detech bullying, vandalism, visitor tracking and collect evidence against crimes in USA and European countries.

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